Individual Tuition

Individual instruction tailored to meet the needs of clients desiring a one-on-one approach to studying the Russian language.
The advantages of individual instruction are obvious:

  • Lessons can be scheduled for times that are the most convenient for the student (including weekends);
  • Lessons can be held in a classroom at our central school, at the student's office, in the student's home or online;
  • The student is able to determine the level of intensity of his or her classes, as well as the number of classes per week;
  • An individual approach to language learning provides the student with an opportunity to build a programme that is consistent with his or her language-learning goals, preferred rate of assimilating new material and level of proficiency in the language;
  • Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to sit state certification exams and thus officially confirm his or her level of Russian language proficiency.

The teacher will focus on your individual demands. This means that you will have a unique opportunity to study the language at a comfortable and reasonable pace.

Having mastered the basic rules of Russian grammar and having acquired the necessary vocabulary, you will be able to freely communicate in Russian in any situation.

In addition to basic courses such as “General Russian” and “Intensive Russian”, Language Link has developed special programmes for individual instruction:

  • preparation for school, college, and university exams,
  • corrective courses for clients who have learned the language by ear,
  • courses specifically for correcting pronunciation,
  • corrective courses on Russian grammar

We are prepared to develop an individual course for you. For every student, we can find a suitable approach.