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Best Language School 2020

Language Link is recognized as "Best Foreign Language School 2020 - Eastern Europe" by Corporate Vision Magazine.

About us

Teaching Staff

All the teaching staff in Language Link's Russian as a Foreign Language Departments is highly trained Russian language specialists with considerable experience and post-graduate degrees. Our teacher selection process is rigorous: apart from possessing post-graduate qualifications in teaching Russian as a Foreign Language, all teachers must have taught at university level, and preferably abroad. All teachers must be able to speak at least one or two other major European languages. And finally, excellent references must be presented from both former educational employers and former students. Given these standards of selection, there is little doubt that Language Link's teachers are among the finest in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd.

Even after teachers have been selected for employment with Language Link, they continually upgrade their teaching skills by regularly attending workshops, seminars and conferences. Their classroom performance is periodically observed by Elena Kallo, Language Link's Head Teacher.


Mikhail Bakhtin, the famous Russian philosopher, calls language a "contradictory multiplicity" because of its many seemingly contradictory aspects. Grammar and linguistics focus on single units or parts of language whereas the study of stylistics and pragmatics focus on how language is used as a whole in "real life." How, then, should we study foreign languages? There is one common unifying factor that we can focus on. Language, although a dynamic entity with many different aspects, has one practical goal - COMMUNICATION.

All Language Link teachers come to the classroom with this practical view! Communicative language teaching helps the student to not only understand the language but also to use it in authentic, "real" situations. This objective requires a focus on all the aspects of language - grammar, pragmatics, stylistics, pronunciation, etc. - with the goal of authentic communication.

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