Business Course

This course is designed for anyone working in a Russian business environment or simply interested in learning Russian with a focus on the language of business. It provides a sound foundation of Russian language knowledge, giving foreign professionals the vocabulary, skills and confidence necessary to meet the daily demands of successful business.

course summary

the following courses Business Course (Pre-Intermediate through Advanced)
Typical Timetable Tailored to student's wishes
Group size One-to-one or a small group

What I want before the program?

I work in an international organisation and I feel that I can achieve greater success in my career if I can understand the language my colleagues speak.

What I can now do after the program?

  • I can freely discuss professional issues
  • with my colleagues.
  • I can give excellent presentations in Russian.
  • I can uphold correspondence in Russian.
  • I can carry out negotiations in Russian.
  • I can read, understand and analyse documents in Russian.