Jerome Brun, Sales & Marketing Director Imperial Tobacco Sales & Marketing LLC General group course, June 2011

In the past 18 months, I have had the opportunity to learn Russian with Ms Olesia Kharina and despite the inherent difficulty of the language for a foreigner, it has been a very effective, very exciting and quite enjoyable experience.

Olesya (ie Alice) is an experienced teacher with a very solid academic background. She applies a step-by-step, proven teaching method that gradually provides the grammatical background a student will require to actually speak, write and understand Russian. Her knowledge of foreign languages such as English and French enable her to draw useful parallels for the fast and nuanced understanding of some traits of the Russian language.

On top of her significant professional skills, Olesia also is a very considerate teacher who understands the needs and difficulties of professional students. She is a polite, refined yet highly focused person – including the occasional sharing of humouristic comments by students. As a result, learning with her is made easier, and is quite an enjoyable experience…

To sum it all, I do highly recommend Olesia as a teacher to anyone who would want to learn Russian as a foreign language.