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Anastasiya Kameneva

Anastasiya Kameneva

Anastasia Kameneva graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities in 2015 with a degree in German Philology, in 2016 she passed a training course at the Language Link language center with a qualification in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language.

She has been working at Language Link since 2016, where she has earned the love and trust of students. She taught the general course of the Russian language, the intensive course of the Russian language, and she continues to work with German-speaking students using German as a working language.

Anastasia works with all language levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced. Since 2017, she has been teaching British students the courses "Conversational Practice" and "Learning to Write an Essay" under the RLUS program; in 2020, the course "Vocabulary and Phonetics" was added to these courses.

Students note Anastasia's sense of humor, her patience, ability to explain material in an accessible way and to be on the same wavelength with the students. During her work, Anastasia received many positive reviews from students, characterizing her as a teacher at her best.